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What exactly is flow, and more specifically, traffic flow, in a house or a room? Simply, it’s the ability to walk easily from room to room in a house as well as through the room without bumping into furniture or coming upon an empty space. Studies show that homes that have a good traffic flow sell faster than those that do not. But even if your home is not on the market, you still want to maximize flow.You can try here: sell my house now pueblo.

A couple of important “rules”:
1. You should be able to walk freely between rooms such as the dining room and kitchen, for example. This rule wouldn’t apply to private spaces, like a bedroom.
2. You should be able to walk from an entryway into a room without bumping into or having to walk around something
3. You should be able to walk freely around and in front of furniture, except traffic should not flow through a conversation area
4. Having too much furniture in a room will inhibit flow

Let’s assume you have a room with an entrance into the room on the left wall and French doors leading to the outdoor patio on the right. In order to walk to the patio doors from the doorway, there is a furniture arrangement that would be considered bad flow and a furniture arrangement that would be considered good flow.

Let’s say you have two couches facing each other on the north and south walls with a coffee table in between. This would be an example of bad flow because you would to walk through the conversation area from west to east (or left to right) and vice versa by maneuvering between the coffee table and the couch, and then perhaps even around a chair to get to the patio doors.

An example of good flow one where the furniture has been rearranged such that you can walk from the doorway to the patio doors without going through the conversation area. In this arrangement the two couches are facing each other but are flipped 90 degrees so that one of the arms on each couch is butted up against the north wall and traffic can move freely south of the couches from west to east (or left to right) and vice versa. The chair can be moved to a corner (as long as it’s not blocking the entrance or won’t be hit by the opened French doors). It can be positioned with a floor lamp to create a reading corner.